Team TouchDroid disbands after multi-touch code drama

Earlier this week a mod team called Team TouchDroid announced that it had enabled full Android powered 10-point multi-touch support for HP's TouchPad touch screen. The news generated a ton of links on a number of tech sites, including Neowin. Now it has been discovered that some of the code for that mod was taken from another mod team, Cyanogenmod. As a result, the Team TouchDroid group has apparently disbanded.

In a post on the mod team's web site, one of its members, known by his handle "fnj00", stated, "The code for our touchscreen driver was found on a public pastebin which was believed to be from team CM by some of our team members. This was later proven by team CM as well as other publicly posted channel logs. Some team members decided to use this code against team CM and not publicly credit CM team for this release which was wrong. As the drama unfolded the team began to break up and its trusted members are no longer actively working on a port for the HP touchpad under this team."

Meanwhile CyanogenMod's team continues to work on their own Android port for the TouchPad. reports that the team has got the touch screen and accelerometer working via Android along with the TouchPad's graphics drivers. One big hurdle that has yet to be fixed is getting the device's WiFi hardware to work under Android. When the CyanogenMod Android work is completed, TouchPad owners will be able to boot from either the Android mod or the tablet's original webOS operating system.

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