The 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold won't come to the U.S.

Samsung just recently announced that it will be launching the Galaxy Fold in the coming weeks, after a few months of waiting following the initial delay. The device will be coming to a few markets around the world, and though LTE and 5G variants are planned, it seems that not every market is getting the same treatment.

In the United States, where the phone didn't get a solid release, you won't be able to buy the 5G variant, CNET reports. The information was confirmed by Samsung following a press event at IFA, but no specific reason was given. Meanwhile, in Korea, the situation is reversed, and only the 5G model will be available when the phone launches this Friday. It'll cost 2.398 million won, which is roughly $2000.

Germany and the UK - the only two European markets known to be getting the phone for now - will be getting both models. The LTE variant is launching on September 18 in both countries, and at the same time, the 5G model will launch in the UK exclusively through EE. It's currently unknown when the 5G model will arrive in Germany.

Both 5G and foldable devices are in very early stages, and buying either one separately isn't an expense that makes sense for the majority of people. As such, there's probably even less reason to spend the extra money to buy a device that has both of those features. Nevertheless, if you were hoping to get a 5G Galaxy Fold and you live in the U.S., the news may be somewhat disappointing.

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