The Dead Linger: Kickstarter funded sandbox zombie survival

Just a week after being introduced to KickStarter, the first person sandbox zombie survival game, The Dead Linger, is just a little over $10,000 short of its fund goal of $60,000. What's even better is that the developers are promising to give 5% of the game's profits back to the Kickstarter community.

So, what is The Dead Linger? The developers say that it will be a massive, randomly generated sandbox where you can test out different ways of surviving the zombie apocalypse, and unleash all the mayhem you can imagine. Think Fallout 3 meets The Walking Dead, but more random.

How random? Really random: the developers (Sandswept Studios) are promising a world that's going to be around 25,000 square kilometers in size. That's only a tiny chunk of the world from 1996's Daggerfall, but you can bet that it's a lot bigger than most games you've played. Skyrim's world, for instance, is only around 15 – 20 square kilometers.

The Dead Linger will also feature multiplayer with 16 or more players, so you can work together to build a fort and defend yourself from the zombified hordes. Or you can be the zombies, if you'd rather roll that way.

Now, that all sounds pretty ambitious, but Kickstarter has produced some pretty awesome projects, and we've got a lot of faith that the developers can come pretty close to their vision. They're really passionate about this game, and they're offering up some pretty cool goodies to backers. Why not go pitch in a few bucks and see what kind of juicy goodness comes out of it?

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