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The funny and strange tech stories from around the world this week

I have more facebook friends than you. Just ask my bestie JC.
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Nun expelled from order for having 600 friends on Facebook

It would seem that our lord and savior doesn't approve of Facebook. As Spanish nun María Jesús Galán, dubbed 'Sister Internet', was booted out of her order for using the bastion of sin that is Facebook. The sister had 600 friends who apparently "liked" the fact that she was willing to stand up for what she believes in even although she hasn't met most of them.

Originally the convent had agreed to let the computer be used to better deal with other matters related to the running of the institution however it quickly became used for social media when the sister won an award for digitizing the convents archives.

"It enabled us do things such as banking online and saved us having to make trips into the city," explained Sister Maria, who entered as a novice at the age of 21."

The sister is now staying at home with her mother and is free to "friend" anyone she wants and now has massive followings on fan pages. You go girl!

Dell marketing stunt goes horribly wrong, SWAT team goes in. 2 Arrested. The cat was fine.

In Round Rock, Texas the cops sent in a SWAT team to Dell's campus there after they received several 911 calls from worried staffers about a man dressed as a biker wearing a black mask and carrying "metallic objects" telling people to "go to the lobby, NOW!".

Turns out one of Dell's sales managers had setup the stunt to promote Dell's Streak tablet that interfaces with 2011 model Harley Davidson motorcycles. A series of misadventures and lack of communication caused the stunt to go horribly wrong.  

Police arrested 48 year old Bryan Chester and his supervisor 36 year old Daniel Rawson. Both have been charged with Interfering with Public Duties and Deadly Conduct.  This was made worse when Chester initially refused to surrender to the SWAT team forcing them to reevaluate the situation as an "extreme risk scenario". Given Texas's notorious gun culture the pair were lucky to not have ended up dead.

A spokesperson for Dell added that the stunt had been an "unfortunate choice" by a few employees to promote the product.

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