The iPhone X loses in a durability test with the iPhone 8

Last month, CNET performed its own durability test of the iPhone X, showing that it fails an average drop test. Now, Consumer Reports has conducted its own extensive testing, with results that you might find quite surprising.

Despite it offering a stainless steel bezel, the iPhone X isn't as durable as you might think. The outlet found that it is more susceptible to damage when compared to the iPhone 8. While each variant of the iPhone uses glass on the front and back, the iPhone X came out with more damage on its glass surfaces after 100 simulated drops, while the iPhone 8 had only minor wear on its metal frame.

Unfortunately, the iPhone X doesn't fare too well when it comes to battery, coming up short against its competitors. Despite these shortcomings, the camera on the iPhone X tested well, showing its dominance being the best of the pack, with the iPhone 8 coming in second. While the durability might not be the best, it is probably the best option when it comes to owning an iPhone, despite its controversial screen design. If you're still on the fence, you can check out our in-depth review.

Source: Consumer Reports via MacRumors

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