The lowly Alder Lake Pentium G7400T gets overclocked to 5.8GHz setting World records

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Gigabyte's in-house overclocking guru from Taiwan, HiCookie, added another feather to his cap, sort of, as he recently overclocked Intel's entry-level Alder Lake-S processor variant, the two-core, four-thread Pentium Gold G7400T, to 5.8GHz.

While the overclocked speed may not sound too impressive at first, the record is actually pretty spectacular considering the 7400T is a locked processor and hence the 5.8GHz frequency achieved here is done using base clock (BCLK) overclocking. That's because the CPU clock multiplier on locked CPUs cannot be manipulated and tinkering around with the BCLK is the only way to overclock on such parts.

But BCLK overclocking is also far trickier than multiplier overclocking because changing the base clock also affects other things too, like the RAM, and that means alongside CPU core voltages, the voltages of other components also require tweaking so as to achieve a stable system under such overclocked settings.

A 5.8GHz OC on the Pentium G7400T means an ~87% bump up over the base clock speed of 3.1GHz, which is excellent to say the least. The feat was achieved on a Gigabyte Z690 AORUS TACHYON LGA1700 motherboard.

Here are some of the score submissions of HiCookie's 5.8GHz Pentium G7400T on HWBOT:

Benchmark Score
Geekbench Multi-core 20,107 points
HWBOT X265 1080p 31.581 fps
HWBOT X265 4K 7.393 fps
yCruncher Pi 1Billion 1min, 5sec, 840ms

These scores are so high that HiCookie has set world records for dual-core CPUs on some of these benchmarks.

via: HD-Tecnologia

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