The Walking Dead: The Final Season returns with 'Episode 3 - Broken Toys' in January

The closing season of Telltale's The Walking Dead series will officially be returning to life early next year under Skybound Games. The studio, owned by the original Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, has released a new teaser trailer announcing the January 15 release date of 'Episode 3: Broken Toys'.

While this is a new studio, the game's development team remains largely the same as it was when The Final Season was progressing under Telltale Games. Aiming to give the series a proper conclusion, Skybound managed to hire back many developers from the original team that were laid off from when Telltale began closing its doors earlier this year.

Skybound is also honoring previous purchases, meaning those who have already bought the season won't need to fork over anything extra to receive the remaining two episodes when they launch.

Oddly, while Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch store pages are now back up and offering the game for purchase again, the Steam version - which now has Skybound Games listed as publisher - remains lacking a way to buy it. Moreover, PC isn't listed as a platform on the game's homepage or in the new teaser trailer.

The studio seems to be working on this, however, with it tweeting out that "More news for future PC purchases to come soon."

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