There's an app for that: "Notch Remover" for iPhone X

After its release a bit over a week ago, Apple's iPhone X has already run into a couple of unexpected issues with some units being afflicted by a thin green line on the side of the display as well as impacts to touchscreen reliability when moving into sudden colder temperatures. While the Cupertino giant has promised to correct these problems courtesy of a software update, it seems that an app is attempting to remedy one of the unique physical aspects of the device - specifically, the notch.

Having just been approved by Apple earlier today, Notch Remover attempts to address the cosmetic appearance of the iPhone X by modifying your chosen wallpaper to draw less attention to the top of the device. Essentially, the app achieves this by blacking out a strip at the top of the wallpaper, creating the illusion of a more traditionally shaped screen in the process.

As can be seen in the adjacent image, the app does not eliminate the time or the connectivity and battery indicators located in the "ears" either side of the sensor housing. Nonetheless, users could be forgiven for perceiving the information resident in the uniformly blacked out region could be somewhat reminiscent of the secondary screen found in the LG V20.

However, the app does fly in the face of Apple's own human interface guidelines for developers, which states:

"Don't mask or call special attention to key display features. Don't attempt to hide the device's rounded corners, sensor housing, or indicator for accessing the Home screen by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Don't use visual adornments like brackets, bezels, shapes, or instructional text to call special attention to these areas, either."

In any instance, the app does give those with a dislike for the notch on their brand new iPhone X a remedy, aside from returning their smartphone to Apple for a refund.

Notch Remover can be downloaded now from the App Store.

Source: The Verge

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