This Android dumb phone is now available to pre-order for $349

Despite smartphones offering a wealth of features these days, some might choose to simplify things by either switching to a dumb phone or abandoning a phone altogether. For those that choose the former, the Punkt MP02 might be an elegant option that is now available for pre-order.

The MP02 made its debut at the London Design Festival and is the successor to the MP01. The premise of the device is to offer customers a distraction-free experience, stripping down the phone to offering just the basic necessities. Despite being minimalist in its approach, there are improvements to the new model, with the main one being that it supports 4G LTE.

The inclusion of 4G LTE will allow wider compatibility around the world and since it will be able to take advantage of faster data speeds, the MP02 can also function as a wireless hotspot. As for its software, it will be running Android, which most will probably find surprising. The new software will allow the phone to include creature comforts like threaded SMS text messaging and advanced security provided from BlackBerry.

This is certainly an attractive phone, but most might shy away from purchasing it, as the pre-order price of $349 is kind of high. As an added bonus for those that pre-order, Punkt is including a free LAMY writing instrument. The phone is set to arrive sometime in November.

Source: Punkt

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