This year's iPhones could come in a few new colors

Colored iPhone X mockup | Credit: 9to5mac

Apple's iPhone line typically offers a relatively small set of colors, with silver, gold, and black usually being the three options at launch, later joined by a Product(RED) variant. The company changed things up a bit with the iPhone 5c back in 2013, but it hasn't done anything similar since.

That could be set to change this year, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who last month predicted that prices for this year's models could be slightly more accessible, has now said that Apple could be working to add a flair of color to its 2018 lineup. Specifically, the lower-end model with an LCD screen, expected to cost between $600 and $700, could be coming in a few new colors including red, orange and blue. While red isn't a new color for the iPhone, it usually comes a few months after the initial launch, so it's not clear if Apple will advertise it as a Product(RED) version or as just another color.

Kuo's predictions indicate that the higher-end models still won't see quite as many options in terms of visuals, but there could be a new gold option for the larger 6.5-inch OLED display model, the most expensive one expected this year. It's unclear if the 5.8-inch version, most similar to the current generation iPhone X, will also come with the new color option, or stick to the black and white variants.

It's interesting to see that Apple continues to prefer its cheaper models for experimenting with colors, which is an understandable move, as the launch of more options creates more fragmentation and could end up resulting in more unsold units for specific colors, making them unprofitable.

As a reminder, prices for the two OLED models would sit between $800 and $900 for the 5.8-inch display $900 and $1000 for the larger screen. All of the devices will feature a near-bezel-less design, but the LCD model could skip out on the dual-camera setup on the back, similar to what's happened with the past two generations of iPhones.

Source: 9to5mac via Business Insider

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