Torchlight assets reportedly used by iOS game

Creating the assets for a PC game is something that its makers take very seriously. So when the developer of the popular action-RPG Torchlight saw that its content could have been used in another commercially released game, it took things seriously. reports that Runic President Travis Baldree has stated that much of the assets for a recent iOS game called Armed Heroes Online were lifted from Torchlight. He states, "All of the monster assets and every dungeon tileset, as well as voices, and most sound effects, are direct rips from Torchlight. I didn’t see ANY monsters that weren’t ours."

The Chinese developer of the game, EGLS, has denied that they have stolen any assets from Torchlight. However, Baldree fired back, providing evidence that some of Armed Heroes Online's sound files were identical to Torchlight, including typos. He states, "The files named after our unique bosses and classes are particularly telling, as well as the ‘joke’ sound effect that Adam Perin our technical artist recorded for a rare sword."

The iOS game is still available for download on the Canadian version of the iOS App Store. Baldree says the next step is to see what Apple will do in response to the charges, along with Runic Games' lawyers. He states, "I highly doubt that EGLS will take it down independently, especially given their response."


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