Toshiba Hastens NAND Flash Production

Toshiba Corporation, one of the world's largest producers of flash memory chips, is expanding production of NAND flash memory chips faster than originally planned. Most of Toshiba's manufacturing line in its number-three chip factory can make chips as small as 70 nanometers but in January the company began using a more advanced 56-nanometer production process. The Tokyo-based company also said it plans to re-equip its number-four chip fabrication facility with the ability to handle 56-nanometer production in a production area about 40% bigger than the number-three factory.

The 56-nanometer technology means chips can be made physically smaller and cheaper while using less power. Toshiba had planned to increase 56-nanometer production to equal half of the company's 135,000 wafer output per month by the end of 2007 but now Toshiba is planning to meet that point in September. NAND flash memory chips are used in a wide range of consumer electronics products including digital still cameras, music players, cell phones and memory cards.

News source: PC World

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