Toshiba is building world's lightest laptop?

Engadget is reporting rumors that Toshiba is working on the world's lightest 13 inch laptop. The laptop is set to weigh in at less than 1kg (2.2 pounds).

It's rumored that the laptop will have a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, USB 3.0 support, up to 4GB of memory, an optional 512GB SSD and a Core i3, i5, or i7 processor. It is also rumored to include a new Super Charged Ion Battery (SCiB).

SCiB was developed by Toshiba and has been shown to continue working normally, even after 6000 charges, which gives it a much longer life than current lithium ion batteries. It is also capable of charging to 90% after just 10 minutes. According to Toshiba, a single SCiB cell weighs in at about 150g. If the entire laptop weighs only 1kg, one SCiB cell makes up 15% of the weight.

Toshiba has a habit of going for the world's lightest laptop; in 2008 they launched the 12.1 inch Portege R500 series, this little laptop weighed in at right around 1kg which gave it the title of the worlds lightest 12.1 inch laptop. 


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