Toshiba to plunge extra billions into flash memory expansion

A REPORT ON NIKKEI NET said that Toshiba will invest ¥15 billion to expand a factory in Yokkaichi that makes Flash memory.

That follows a decision Toshiba made last month to spend ¥350 billion constructing two 12-inch (300 mm) silicon factory (fabs).

Flash memory is currently the most successful type of memory in revenue and profit terms, and sales are set to grow because it is used in mobile phones, in digital cameras, and in other popular consumer devices.

Toshiba got out of the DRAM business last year.

The wire said that the factory is intended to be fully online by 2006, and will build on a recent announcement by Toshiba to make a 12-inch (300mm) wafer plant.

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News source: The inq.

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