Trade in old phone for Galaxy S III or Note in the UK, get free Galaxy Tab 2

If you just so happen to live in the UK, Samsung is currently running a promotion that you might like to get involved in. If you are looking to upgrade your current smartphone to either a Samsung Galaxy S III or a Samsung Galaxy Note, you may be eligible to trade in your old phone to get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Depending on the device you are trading in there are different options of Tabs to get. Currently if you trade in a Samsung Galaxy S II or iPhone 4 you'll be eligible for a free Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, while the iPhone 4S gives you either the Tab 2 7.0 or Tab 2 10.1. Samsung doesn't have any other phones you can trade in at the moment, but they claim they will be adding new phones every day; in the future there may be options to trade in a phone for a discount on either of the Tab 2 devices.

Naturally your old phone must be in a good working condition to be eligible for the trade-in, and also you must 16 years of age or older. It seems as though the way the promotion works is you buy a Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note first, and then you provide its IMEI number to start the trade-in process. The terms and conditions don't seem to state exactly when you must have bought either of these smartphones, so we assume if you bought one earlier and you still have one of the eligible phones lying around, you can score a free Samsung tablet.

On the other hand, while this promotion is good for some, it may be a better option to simply sell your old phone on eBay and use the funds to buy a Galaxy Tab 2. Generally speaking a used iPhone 4S 16 GB will go for £350+ on eBay, which is £35 more than it costs to purchase a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (16 GB Wi-Fi only) through Expansys. If your phone is only eligible for the Tab 2 7.0, it might be better to sell it and buy a Google Nexus 7 for just £159.

Anyway, if you do want to go through with the promotion, head to the source link below.

Via: Phandroid
Source: Samsung UK | Thanks to techbeck for the tip via the forums!

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