Twitter launches calendar of API changes

We’ve all been there: using our favorite 3rd party Twitter app when things start going haywire because Twitter has changed something in their APIs and now devs have to scramble to update their apps as quickly as possible.

Well to avoid this scenario Twitter has now started to publish a calendar of past and also future updates to their APIs. Right now the site only lists two upcoming changes that will be taking place in March of next year when their 1.0 @Anywhere, REST, and Streaming APIs will be deprecated and replaced by newer versions.

Their website says “The dates listed will be as specific as possible, but may not be exact for various reasons “ so even though this calendar may be a helpful tool for reminders it won’t always offer 100% up to date info meaning situations like the one described at the top are still likely to occur.

Interested folks can find the info on Twitter’s dev center, and it will also be published by @twitterapi when the time comes.

Source: Twitter

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