Twitter plans to light up the Eiffel Tower during Euro 2016

The social media giant, Twitter, has announced several new emojis for the upcoming Euro 2016 games. Additionally, it wants tweets to impact the real world by lighting up the Eiffel Tower after a match, depending on which club got the most support on the site during the game.

The redesigned emojis will be triggered by hashtags, similar to the implementation used during the World Cup in 2014. To trigger an emoji of a certain country, users can just type a hash followed by the country's three-letter shorthand name (i.e. #FRA, #ENG, #RUS). Those who type #EURO2016 will trigger an emoji of the tournament trophy.

To add another twist, Twitter plans to light up the Eiffel Tower. Once each day's games have concluded, the Eiffel Tower will be lit up to display the colour of the country that received the most support through Twitter; popular tweets will also be broadcast onto the tower, to act as an incentive to tweet your own messages.

Twitter is also excited about utilising Vine and Periscope. The company says “both apps will be prominent throughout the tournament, granting fans a level of access in and around France that has simply never been possible in previous major summer tournaments.” There will be a dedicated Vine channel for @EURO2016; additionally, UEFA accounts will be going live on Periscope throughout the tournament to give viewer a behind the scenes look at training sessions, team base camps and “much more.”

Source: Twitter | Football in net image courtesy Shutterstock

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