Ubisoft to give away limited edition Assassin's Creed: Origins sneakers

Recently, Ubisoft announced that it would partner up with both Focal and Tournaire, launching two limited-edition headphones, one of which would set you back a hefty €50,000. It would seem that the developer isn't done yet, with it revealing another partnership with Dominic Lowman from Carmeno Custom Kicks, setting out to create the ultimate Assassin's Creed: Origins sneaker.

Unlike the aforementioned headphones, however, these limited edition sneakers will only be offered to fans of the series through an upcoming competition on social media, with details being made public soon. So if you were looking forward to having some ancient Egyptian swag on your feet - and you're feeling lucky of course - it is recommended that you follow all of the company's social media presences.

Assassin's Creed: Origins will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 27. The game is set in ancient Egypt and will feature an education mode, which will allow the player to explore the world and learn about the rich history of this civilization. Beyond that, Ubisoft has announced that the title will feature support for the Xbox One X, once the console launches next month. In addition to that, the developer also revealed its post-launch free and paid DLC plans.

The game will include micro-transactions and loot crates - known in-game as 'Heka crates' - which offers the player additional weapons and armor. Loot boxes have become somewhat of a controversial subject as of late, with a recent petition in the UK demanding that gambling laws be amended to encompass these in-game transactions.

Assassin's Creed: Origins is available for pre-download right now on consoles, and those who are looking for a good deal, can check out the Xbox One S bundle offer. For those on PC, you can check out the full system requirements of the game here.

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