UK to invest in massive 'spy' database

Something you would have thought would only be part of action movies may be a reality soon in the UK. The government has plans to create a massive database that will store all phone calls, emails, and internet logs of all UK citizens. The information can be stored for as long as 2 years.

The database will take time to create, but there are trials and tests set in place with pre-determined people.

This is a feasible solution to solving criminal cases, and lowering crime rates, however, many will see it as a very large invasion of privacy.

UK Home Office minister, Lord West, noted:
"It is a cross-government program, led by the Home Office, to ensure that our capability to lawfully intercept and exploit data when fighting crime and terrorism is not lost."

I would like to hear you opinions, Neowin. In an act to ensure safety, is this action taking it too far?

View: TechRadar

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