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Impulse: Phase II Coming

Impulse, Stardock's next-gen digital distribution platofrm is getting ready to move into the second phase, and there are some pretty significant changes upcoming.

Phase II of Impulse will include:

A new look. In the mid-term we plan to let people "skin" Impulse to make it look however they want. But for Phase 2, the green look will be gone.

New Community Features. Match-making will be in. The Political Machine v1.1 will be the first title to make use of it. You can use Impulse to find multiplayer games or do so from within The Political Machine which uses the new Common Virtual Platform library (CVP) a free library for developers to use to integrate multiplayer match making into their games.

FREEWARE. Impulse will support users installing and updating third-party freeware programs. What this means is that you'll be able to add free things to your Impulse account. Get a new machine? You can quickly install the latest/greatest freeware programs too.

MODS & GALLERIES. Click on a program and if we have a mod library or gallery available for it, the link will show up to take you there to get stuff within Impulse. This is only a start of course.

SMART QUEING. Lets users just click away and Impulse will handle the proper install order for you.

NEW CONTENT. There's going to be a lot more games and applications coming out this month for Impulse.

Screenshot: Impulse New Look
Download: Impulse

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