Unlocked HTC 8X getting Windows Phone GDR2 right now

If you’re a HTC Windows Phone owner we have some good news for you. Starting late last night users of the HTC 8X have been receiving the Windows Phone GDR2 update. This comes only a couple of days after Samsung devices started receiving the over the air update.

General Distribution Release 2 (GDR2) is a Windows Phone update from Microsoft designed to fix some bugs and bring small new features to the OS. Users will now be able to listen to radio on their devices directly from the Music Hub. Improvements to Skype, Lync, Internet Explorer and Xbox Music are also packed into this update. Some features, such as Data Sense, depend on your location and carrier, so not all users will receive them.

GDR2 is hitting unbranded/unlocked HTC 8X devices around the world right now. Some folks have also received a firmware update directly from HTC though the availability of said update seems to be limited right now.

If you haven’t received the update yet you can force your phone to check for it by going to Settings -> Phone Update -> Check for update. Depending on your current OS version the update will take about 10 minutes to install.

It’s clear that Microsoft is pushing out this update in waves to make sure everything goes smoothly, so here’s hoping we’ll see an update notification on our unlocked Lumias in the next few days. Though of course, the Lumia updates go through Nokia, and they will also be bundled with the Nokia Amber update.

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