Verizon puts in-home installations and repairs on hold

Verizon residential customers may find themselves in quite a predicament if their internet service breaks in the foreseeable future. According to a report by Business Insider, the company is severely limiting the in-home services it provides, canceling most installation and repair orders. In-home services will only be provided for "medical emergencies and critical installations".

Many users on Twitter have complained that their orders have been cancelled, and responses from Verizon support teams have varied. One customer was told they would have to wait until November for a repair, but the company responded saying that the November date is merely a placeholder, and appointments will be rescheduled when possible.

Other customers have been simply told that it's currently not possible for technicians to go into their homes to perform installations. Some orders may be able to get self-installation options, but it's unknown if that's possible when it comes to repairs. The inability to get repair services would leave customers without internet access for an unknown period of time.

As you'd expect, this all comes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Verizon aims to keep its employees and customers safe. Still, it's likely that customers won't be too happy with the measures being taken by the company.

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