Verizon updates its prepaid plans with lower prices - if you use AutoPay

Verizon today announced changes to some of its prepaid plans, which should get you a little more value from the offerings. The changes are effective starting today, November 6.

For starters, the carrier has lowered the price of the unlimited plan to $70 (down from $75), and the plan which previously offered 7GB of 4G LTE data now offers an additional gigabyte, taking it up to 8GB. The 8GB plan also now offers unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.

If you want some more savings, all plans that cost $40 or more per month can get an additional $5 price cut, but you'll need to enable AutoPay in order to get that discount. This means that, if you agree to pay for your plan automatically, you can get the 3GB plan for $35 a month, the updated 8GB plan for $45, and the unlimited plan for $65. The 500MB plan with unlimited talk and text is unaffected by these changes, staying at $30.

There are a few other changes to the plans' structure too. You can now add up to 10 lines on your account, up from the previous five lines, and these lines can also now include tablets and the carrier's hotspots, which it calls Jetpacks. Tablet or Jetpack lines cost the same as a smartphone line, so you shouldn't have any surprises there. Unfortunately, the unlimited plan still doesn't include mobile hotspot data, and there's always the chance that your data speed will be throttled anyway.

Source: Verizon via CNET

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