Watch Windows 8.1 apps floating inside a holographic conference room

We see 3D holographic applications depicted in sci-fi movies and TV shows all the time, but today a company has announced that it has created technology that will enable users to interact with version of apps made for Windows 8.1 that are seen suspended in mid-air.

Digital Video Enterprises revealed today that it has now launched the DVE Immersion Room, which offers a way for business conference rooms to be outfitted with special projectors. The products, combined with Microsoft's Kinect sensor, lets people view and use apps in the middle of a room.

DVE states, "Other apps, such as PowerPoint and Lync, are now functioning in augmented reality mode with 3D objects filling the expanse of the room with no bulky glasses to wear." You can see a simulation of how the Immersion Room works in the video above, which shows Modern UI Live tiles set up in a room that can be spun by the user and then expanded when they find the app they need.

Of course, this kind of set up is for large business and government customers and the press release doesn't begin to offer any word on a price point for this Immersion Room. In other words, this is likely out of your range if you were dreaming of setting this up in your home office.

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