Windows 10 10056: A collection of minor updates

A new build of Windows 10 has found its way to the web and this time around it is 10056 that is showing us the path that Microsoft is taking with the OS. We have already seen new transitions, updates to apps and other items. In this post, we will cover a few of the smaller improvements in this latest build.

10056 | 10051

First up are a few minor updates to Spartan. In the Settings panel, the drop down dialog boxes have been shortened which means they no longer span the width of the panel. Scrolling down in this same area, we can see that 'Add-ons' has been renamed to 'Platform controls'.

The virtual keyboard operations have been updated slightly, including a new icon. In older builds of Windows 10, to add the keyboard to the taskbar you had to right-click on the taskbar, click toolbars and then add the keyboard. In 10056, you right-click and then there is an option in the parent context menu to add the keyboard.

Once you add the keyboard, you will see the new icon and for us, it is showing up inside the system tray instead of in the taskbar.

The calendar and clock have been updated in 10056 which means Microsoft finally enabled the new widget that you previously had to turn on via a registry tweak.

The multitasking icon (virtual desktops) has been updated as well with a new transparent icon. This new icon matches the one that was shown off by Microsoft at WinHEC earlier this year.

These are a handful of updates that have arrived in the latest leaked build of Windows 10 and if you have missed any of our previous coverage, you can find it all here.

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