Windows 10 10056: Microsoft gives you more control of tablet mode

When Microsoft releases Windows 10 later this year, it will come with a feature to help turn the OS into a touch-friendly environment. The company has referred to this transition as 'Continuum', but you may know it simply as tablet mode.

In the most recent leaked build of Windows 10, Microsoft has added a few more options to this mode to help the consumer customize the experience.

If you haven't installed build 10056 - and we don't blame you if you haven't, as it is not supported by Microsoft and is still buggy - take a look at the settings for tablet mode. You can see the two new options above that allow you to to turn on tablet mode after you login automatically and the ability to hide apps on the taskbar.

The option to automatically turn on tablet mode after login will be helpful for devices that are true tablets and have no keyboard; we do wonder if OEMs will be able to set this setting to 'on' for a better out-of-box experience.

The option to hide icons on the taskbar will be helpful for smaller Windows devices where space is a premium. While it may not be used as much as the login option, for those who want to hide the icons on the taskbar, your wish has been granted.

These are both minor updates to the tablet mode but they do offer an improved user experience. Seeing that Windows 10 will be used on all devices, we expect Microsoft to continue to refine the tablet experience as we approach its launch to ensure that this OS works well for all form factors.

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