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"Windows 11.2" concept shows what the official Windows 11 could have been

Windows 112 concept UI

Fan-made concepts are always fun to look at not only because they often offer a drastically different version than what the official one is, but also because they show what the enthusiasts and fans of that product deeply desire to have.

This is why they are generally quite popular among readers and viewers as some of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) ideas presented in such concepts deeply resonate with people.

Not everyone may be on board with what Microsoft has to offer nowadays as it keeps adding AI and Cloud options to Windows 11 to move into the next-gen. Others want to see improved performance and they aren't wrong as quantitative analysis suggests that the older, outgoing Windows 10 provides a more responsive and snappier experience.

Thankfully, Microsoft looks to finally be making improvements in some of these areas like File Explorer's performance, for example. And the company has claimed that it has improved Shell performance by a lot.

Windows 112 concept UI

Popular Windows concept creator and YouTuber AR 4789 has published their latest video showing off what they call "Windows 11.2", and sort of suggests what Windows 11 could have been. At the minimum, it certainly looks very appealing.

For example, the Windows 11 setup OOBE (out of box experience) has a cool dropdown menu that has a few apps (in the form of Edge, Paint, Microsoft Store, and a few more) to entertain the user.

Windows 112 concept UI
Windows 112 concept UI
Windows 112 concept UI

Something like this could be great for those who wish to install the OS on a spinning mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). Of course this is simply a concept and implementing this in reality is probably much harder than it looks.

Windows 112 concept UI
Windows 112 concept UI
Windows 112 concept UI

Finally, we have the Start menu, which shows icons arranged in group and list views. There is also a section for the Widgets that some may argue looks better as part of the Start menu, similar to Live Tiles on Windows 10.

If you like these kinds of concepts, you can head over to this link to check all our coverage.

Source and images: AR 4789 (YouTube)

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