Windows 8 Facebook app spotted in an advertisement [Update: Maybe Not?]

Without a doubt, the biggest app that's not currently on Windows 8 is an official one from Facebook. We have already made our feelings known about this development but, as it turns out, a banner ad for Microsoft's Surface tablet may have revealed that an official Windows 8/RT app for Facebook is indeed in the works.

Neowin reader Matthew_Thepc sent us a screenshot of a Surface web ad he saw on which seems to show a Facebook app running on the top left hand corner of the Start screen of the tablet. It stands to reason that if Microsoft is showing a Facebook app on the Surface ad, such an app is being developed, either by Facebook itself or by Microsoft, which authored the official Windows Phone Facebook app. Or it could just be a mistake.

We have emailed Facebook but they have yet to respond to our request for comment. We did receive this response from Microsoft:

We are super excited about the quality and the breadth of apps in our store; more and more are being added every day. Developers are excited about our industry leading revenue sharing and the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of the most significant release of Windows in history. Consumers are also excited about the apps in the Windows Store and Windows 8 puts the apps at their fingertips.

Update: A Facebook spokesperson has sent an email to Neowin with this claim about the Surface ad: "This is a live tile bookmark to not an app."

Thanks again to Matthew_Thepc for the tip!

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