Lumia sales off to a great start for AT&T

Today, at the UBS media and communications conference, AT&T stated that it had sold 6.4 million smartphones in only two months and that the Lumia phones were off to a great start.

The comment came from the man at the top, Ralph de la Vega (the company’s chief executive) and he stated he is “really excited” about Windows Phone sales and that Lumia phones were selling “very well”. He went on to state that the inventory for these phones was tight which lines up to previous information about the devices selling out at many retailers on and after the launch date.

For Nokia and Microsoft, this is fantastic news. Both companies need Windows Phone to take a modest chunk of the market to justify their significant investments into the platform.

While we are still lacking hard sales numbers, early indicators suggest that Windows Phone 8 is off to a much better start than Windows Phone 7.

It will likely be a few more weeks until we hear any more about sales of the platform. We are eagerly awaiting the financial earnings calls from Microsoft, Nokia, HTC to see how well (or poorly) the Windows Phone 8 launch affected their bottom line.

Source: Economic Times

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