Windows 8 will help Taiwan's PC makers, says Acer chairman

Windows 8's is going to be good news for Taiwan's PC makers, according to comments made this week by Acer's chairman JT Wang. In a new story on Digitimes, Wang is quoted as saying that Microsoft has made mistakes in the past surrounding previous versions of Windows, with Wang claiming that Microsoft put in unnecessary features into the operating system; the article didn't say which specific features Wang felt were extraneous.

However, Wang said that Microsoft has now learned from these mistakes and will put these changes into Windows 8. Wang also praised HP for keeping its PC division in-house, saying that such a move will help to expand the overall market share for Windows. He added, "It's clear after our analysis that keeping PSG within HP is right for customers and partners, right for shareholders, and right for employees."

It's clear from Wang's statements that Acer is 100 percent behind Microsoft and its strategy behind Windows 8. He seems to believe that the launch of Microsoft's next major operating system has a chance to boost PC sales overall, which is something that the PC industry needs at the moment since its growth has now slowed to a crawl. We might learn more about Microsoft's release strategy behind Windows 8 in January at CES 2012 when Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer is scheduled to make a keynote address the day before CES officially opens.

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