Windows Phone Marketplace crosses 8000 apps mark

Late last week, the Windows Phone Marketplace surpassed 8000 approved apps, according to a report by Marketplace Browser, and It might have come sooner had it not been for a two day hiatus, claims wpcentral, due to scheduled maintenance carried out last week on the site.

Currently tracking 8038 apps. 30% of them are available for FREE; average price is $2.41.

123 apps are updated on average each day. In the last 24 hours, 4 apps were updated and 1 were added.

Source WP7 applist.

It's a far cry from just over two months ago, when 3066 apps were available for Windows Phone 7 devices, with an average of 69 apps updated each day. The Marketplace hit 1000 apps on October 25 and that figure had doubled by November 8. That figure has again doubled, and with just over 5000 approved developers (at the time of writing) the future looks bright for WP7 after the recent joint Nokia/Microsoft announcement.

Yet despite setting an admirable pace thus far, the Windows Phone Marketplace still has some ways to go before coming close to its competitors; Apple's App Store hit 300,000 apps in October, and Google's Android Market crossed the 100,000 mark around the same time.

Image credit: WP7 applist

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