Windows with Bing reportedly getting restricted to screens under 14 inches

Windows with Bing, the low-cost option designed for OEMs to push more devices, is reportedly getting the chop, less than one year after launch.

Microsoft launched the Windows with Bing program in response to the low-cost Chromebooks that were suddenly stealing marketshare. The program allowed OEMs to essentially license Windows for free, and cut down on the price of devices to compete with Chromebook offerings.

However, it looks like the response was a bit overblown compared to the actual threat, and The Register reports that Windows with Bing will be restricted to devices with screens under 14 inches, starting next month.

The report cites “senior sources at PC makers”, and goes on to claim that the reason for this move is a combination ofunimpressive Chromebook sales and the fact that most devices sold with Windows with Bing had 15-inch screens.

Finally OEMs are reported to be happy about this decision because the Windows with Bing program was pushing average selling prices down in an industry that is already dealing with slim margins. We’ve reported numerous times on Windows devices coming in at discounted prices but it looks like fewer of these may come to market in the future.

Meanwhile Microsoft is also pushing ahead with Windows 10. The new OS is expected to launch later this year and we already know that upgrading will be free for most users. If the report on Windows with Bing is true it’ll be very interesting to see how Microsoft positions Windows 10 and how it’ll license it to manufacturers. We’re bound to hear more on this as get closer to the official launch.

Source: The Register

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