Android 5.0 Lollipop heads to LG G3 on AT&T

Two weeks ago, Google reported that its Android 5.0 update had reached just 1.6% of devices - but the company and its hardware partners are gradually ramping up the rollout. Most recently, the update has reached the HTC One M8 on Sprint and T-Mobile, and now another popular flagship can get the update in the US too.

Lollipop is available to download for the LG G3 on AT&T right now, and according to the carrier's release notes, the Android build on which the update is based is version 5.0.1.

It's worth noting that that's not the most recent build available - indeed, 5.0.1 contained some serious memory management issues that resulted in widespread device crashes, leading to the release of Android 5.0.2, which is now available for some Nexus devices. However, an even newer OS version than this has already been released; Android 5.1 is now available in Indonesia, where it is pre-installed on new low-cost Android One handsets that went on sale there last week.

The LG G3 was actually the very first device to be upgraded to Lollipop, but the update has clearly taken some time to reach AT&T. You won't be able to download it over AT&T's network, however, as it will be "pushed to customers... over Wi-Fi only". Given that the update weighs in at up to 721MB, grabbing it via Wi-Fi would probably be the most sensible option for most users either way.

Source: AT&T via Engadget

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