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WinMo 6.5 update available from Verizon

If you have a Verizon branded HTC Touch Pro 2 or HTC Ozone, your official Windows Mobile 6.5 update is ready to install at your convenience. Boy Genius Report links to HTC's Twitter page where the announcement was discovered. The instructions and download files are available via PCD's website (Verizon's 3rd party support channel). You can grab the update at one of the links below.

When you go to one of the links, you are supposed to click on "MR1 Upgrade," where you are warned that all customizations and downloaded applications will be lost. While this may deter some users, the difference between WinMo 6.1 and 6.5 is well worth the hassle of having to re-install your downloaded apps. Before you decide to upgrade, be sure to backup any important files that you don't want to lose.

According to WMExperts, the update for the Touch Pro 2 includes updated drivers to support Global VZ Navigator, as well as TouchFLO 3D enhancements. It also has the Sense 2.1 interface with the weather clock. The Ozone update has far less in terms of eye candy, but does improve the phone's battery life, overall performance, and Exchange support. Unfortunately, it seems that Sprint's Touch Pro 2 users aren't getting the same love just yet. There's still no word from Sprint on an official release date.

Image Credit - Boy Genius Report

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