WinPatrol 11.3.2007

As a MULTI PURPOSE SUPPORT UTILITY WinPatrol replaces multiple system utilities with its enhanced functionality. WinPatrol PLUS provides easy to understand descriptions of over 13,000 programs. As a robust SECURITY MONITOR, WinPatrol will alert you to hijackings, malware attacks and critical changes made to your computer without your permission. WinPatrol PLUS includes our unique, patent pending R.I.D. technology. WinPatrol uses a heuristic approach to detecting attacks and violations of your computing environment. Traditional security programs scan your hard drive searching for previously identified threats. WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. You'll be removing dangerous new programs while others download new definition files.

What is the difference between WinPatrol Free vs. WinPatrol PLUS?
WinPatrol PLUS provides the additional information our researchers havecollected about the programs on your computer. The online databasecontains descriptions of both malicious programs you should avoid andnormal safe programs you may have always wondered about. Starting withWinPatrol 9.5 PLUS users also get the addition of Real-timeInfiltration Detection so they'll know immediately when changes aremade to critical system areas. WinPatrol Free is not demo or trialsoftware. You're welcome to use it as long as you like. Unlike some newAnti-Spyware/Adware programs our free version will actually help youremove any programs that should go.

Download: WinPatrol 11.3.2007
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Link: WinPatrol Home Page

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