Yahoo! Widgets 4.0.2 Build 175

Yahoo! Widgets are small, specific applications that you can run on your Windows or Mac OS desktop. A Widget can do almost anything from displaying a weather forecast to playing a game. Widgets generally sit on your desktop and don't look like applications as we're used to seeing them in a standard window. Instead, Widgets tend to look like small pictures or animations. Yahoo! Widgets help you save time and stay current by bringing an always-updated, at-a-glance view of your favorite Internet services right to your desktop. The Yahoo! Widget Gallery offers over 4,000 desktop Widgets - the most available anywhere online. Yahoo! Widgets is the only major desktop Widgets platform that works on both Windows and Mac OSes.

Changes in Version 4.0


    * Implemented image sharing to attempt to reduce memory consumption for some Widgets.
    * When a Window is hidden, we now release all the drawing buffers. Not a huge savings in most cases, but hey.
    * XPath is now substantially faster on large XML DOMs.
    * We now load Win HTTP on-demand.
    * Rewrote COM support to be faster and fixed some issues with event sinks.


    * Implemented Resize Animation.
    * It is now possible to reuse an animation. Previously, once an animation was complete, it was useless.
   * Changed animations to always call any 'done' function you pass ineven if the animation is run with runUntilDone (i.e. synchronously).This only takes effect if your minimumVersion is 4.0 or later.


    * Added and filesystem.unzip() as simple utilities to do basic zip/unzip actions.
    * Filesystem.move() now will rename a file (i.e. it should now behave exactly like the unix mv command).
    * Added filesystem.getMD5() to return the MD5 string for a given file.
   * Added optional third parameter to filesystem.writeFile. You can nowpass a boolean to tell us whether or not to append to the file insteadof merely overwriting the entire file. appendFile( path, content [,append] );
    * Added filesystem.createDirectory() and filesystem.remove(). view full changelog

Operating Systems Supported

    * Windows XP SP2, 2000 SP4
    * Windows Vista
    * Mac OS X 10.3.9 and up

Download: Yahoo! Widgets 4.0.2 Build 175 freeware
View: Version 4.0 Announcement
Link: Yahoo! Widgets Home Page

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