Xiaomi partners with ACRCloud to allow MIUI users to hum songs and have them identified

There inevitably comes a time when we know a song but we don't know the artist or the title. We can often sing or hum the tune but that does very little to help when trying to utilize recognition software like Shazam. Fortunately, ACRCloud offers a solution, that can translate your hummed tune into an identifiable song by utilizing its 40 million song database.

Xiaomi and ACRCloud will now be partnering to offer its recognition software in its latest MIUI update. Users will be able to play, hum, or sing a tune and have it instantly recognized using ACRCloud's immense database. Once recognized, users will have the option to stream or download the track. Currently, the feature is being tested, will be integrated into Xiaomi's 'Mi Music', and will roll out to the millions of Xiaomi MIUI users in the coming month.

Although many in the United States may not be familiar with Xiaomi, they offer a wide range of popular handsets in Asia. More recently, the handsets have also reached US shores by way of US wireless carrier, US Cellular. The MIUI update is expected to arrive sometime in March.

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