Yahoo clamps down on Claria adware

Yahoo strengthened its new anti-spyware application to detect pop-up advertising software, including that of its longtime partner Claria, formerly known as Gator.

The Web portal said this week it updated and widely released Anti-Spy, software built into its pop-up blocking toolbar that helps consumers identify nefarious applications known as spyware that can overtake the PC with ads or sniff out personal data such as credit card information.

The update includes detection for adware, or software that monitors Web surfing behavior to deliver online ads, but which is thought of as a less-threatening cousin to spyware. "We listened to the feedback we received from our users during the beta period, and have made a few minor modifications to Anti-Spy," Yahoo spokesman Aaron Ferstman wrote in an e-mail. He added that the changes are designed to help people identify programs that are potentially harmful or those that just might need attention.

News source: C|Net

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