You can now head into a Microsoft store and buy a Surface Pro 3 with an i3 or i7

After many weeks since the announcement of the Surface Pro 3, the i3 and i7 versions of the device are now on sale at retail stores. If you pre-ordered a Pro 3 with either of these processors, you should be receiving a shipping notification very soon or you may already have one in your inbox.

With the i3 now in stock at US retail stores, the price for entry starts at $799, although, that is without a keyboard. While we enjoyed our time with the core i5 version and can highly recommend it to those who understand the tradeoffs, the i3 will have considerably less horsepower under the hood and should be reserved for those who need a light laptop/tablet setup and don't plan on doing any video or photo editing.

While Microsoft has not said how well the device is selling, they did point out that it is moving off retail shelves faster than any Surface in the past during their earnings call. The benchmark is highly ambiguous as there are no figures to judge the sell rate, but, the company surely cant be upset about selling a device at a faster rate than the prior iterations.

If you did buy a Surface with an i3 or i7, let us know your thoughts when the device arrives, we are always up for member reviews of hot gadgets.

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