Apple has been sued for iOS eating the space on your iPhone after the iOS 8 upgrade

​​​ When Apple launched iOS 8, it was the biggest iOS release. So big in fact, that it required a lot of space to install, having some users delete almost everything stored on their iPhones in order to be able to upgrade. It was also the buggiest, with many people complaining that their iCloud documents were disappearing. Later on, the 8.1 update brought a number of fixes, along with Apple Pay.

Apple switched places with Samsung this year in terms of customer satisfaction, and now we get to see one of the reasons for that change. Just yesterday Apple was brought in court by a class of plaintiffs over the amount of storage its iOS 8 software takes up on its mobile devices.

The lawsuit was filled in the Bay Area’s federal court, and alleges that Apple is intentionally misleading customers in order to force them into using its iCloud service, with ”the discrepancy between advertised and available capacity being substantial and beyond any possible reasonable expectation. For the devices, the shortfall ranges from 18.1-23.1%.”

Further in the complaint they criticize the tech giant for not allowing users to access the services of other cloud service providers, use an SD card, or maybe a different “file manger” utility for transfering files. The plaintiffs are seeking damages, along with changes in the Apple’s policies.

Did you upgrade to iOS 8, and if you did, are you happy with the storage available on your iPhone/iPad?

Source: Forbes | Image via Apple

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