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The Threat Hunter's Handboook - Free Guide

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Although it’s a human activity, threat hunting does rely on technologies and processes. In particular, as the detailed example in this paper will show, effective threat hunting requires immediate access to massive data sets, including long-term historical data.

Typically, this need exceeds the capabilities of existing SIEM systems or legacy log management systems in place in most organizations today.

With access to the right data, on demand as needed, Kibana allows the hunter to conduct a wide range of searches, run advanced queries, and create visualizations that help the hunter home-in on the adversaries and dramatically accelerate the time to identify and stop a breach.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce an effective framework and methodology to threat hunting that enables SecOps teams to plan and conduct hunts that maximize the opportunity to successfully find and disrupt attacks in progress.

The paper also demonstrates the importance of data analytics to threat hunting, and shows how SecOps teams can leverage Kibana — a widely used data analysis and data visualization tool — to dramatically improve their threat hunting capabilities.

Finally, using a real world example of an advanced persistent threat, the paper demonstrates how to apply the hypothesis-based methodology to hunt down and stop an attack in progress.

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The Threat Hunter's Handboook - Free Guide
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