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I keep forgetting to ask, does anybody else see 3 red LEDs on the Kinect and 2 on the controller?

They're supposed to be IR, so unless I have amazing vision I shouldn't be seeing them.


I can see the 3 on the Kinect, haven't checked the controller. I was surprised by them too

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I keep forgetting to ask, does anybody else see 3 red LEDs on the Kinect and 2 on the controller?

They're supposed to be IR, so unless I have amazing vision I shouldn't be seeing them.

I can see 3 extremely faint red leds on my Kinect, i can't see them on my controller although i could from a photo online from camera flash.




I actually see 2 small flashing red leds on the back near the connector.

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I keep forgetting to ask, does anybody else see 3 red LEDs on the Kinect and 2 on the controller?

They're supposed to be IR, so unless I have amazing vision I shouldn't be seeing them.


I see the 3 in the middle of the Kinect and the 2 on the controller as well :/

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Another thing I noticed about the Kinect, I seem to have a small bubble in the glass around the lens, not enough to actually stop it working, but the last thing I want is for it to break down the road and be told I should have returned it when it was under warranty.

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Same -- normally I can overlook bugs, but not game-breaking bugs and countless issues. On the Xbox One, the menus constantly freeze for me, and I've had the game lock up on me and kick me out to the home screen twice. On top of that I routinely get issues where all the textures will turn back (luckily they fix themselves within 30 seconds or less), too.


But the singleplayer progress being wiped... nope, sorry, that's completely and utterly unacceptable. And it's like that on all four versions! How the hell did this pass quality assurance? I'm not going to start singleplayer until it's fixed for sure -- I've read too many horror stories of it losing progress multiple times for a single person.


What is up with DICE? Battlefield 3 had some big bugs at launch, but nothing this bad.

yeah this game is definitely not finished and rushed. I didn't even bother upgrading my 360 version for $10. just a big pile of dung. so many bugs. In SP,I would kill off all the enemies,but the game wont advance no matter what I do. then I have to exit,and when I load again,i find out most of my progress wasn't saved. also too many crashes back to the dash. frustrating.

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