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Hi guys, a question..

If I've posted this in the wrong section, please move to the correct section.

Also, please note, this is mostly just out of curiosity..


When opening chrome on most, (possibly all) android devices, under the search/address bar, a user can see a list of content that Google thinks the user might be interested in.


How could neowin get their content added to those lists? (If possible)

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10 minutes ago, Skiver said:



I've got no idea what you're talking about :s

This stuff, lower half, I see lots of suggested content, I was wondering if there was something neowin could do to get their content added. (As tech news is still news)


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That looks like it's something to do with a user's browsing habits and Google's own suggested content. I'm sure Neowin already do what they can around SEO.

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Ok, but the thing is, I almost never go to those sites in the currently listed content, my use of chrome can be summed up to about 4 sites via saved bookmarks neowin being one of them, (I understand that using the search engine also counts towards that content being generated, but am yet to see meowing on those lists)

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Neowin already gets listed on Google Now for suggested content and we have a decent ranking for search too (news and keyword search). It will be even better once Neowin supports AMP but like with many things, we have to wait till our advertiser supports advertising in AMP pages (it doesn't atm).


In fact this thread was found via a Google search too by someone having the same problem, and I only created it yesterday.

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