Alec Baldwin 'discharged' prop gun that left cinematographer dead and director hospitalized on 'Rust' movie set

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On 07/03/2024 at 11:30, DocM said:


Multiple people were bringing live rounds on the set, they were using the fully functioning firearms for target practice between scenes. Dumb, and the lead production company did nothing to stop it. That would be El Dorado Productions, which is Alec Baldwin. He was the Executive Producer, the money guy and the decision maker.

The safety issue got so bad one entire camera crew left the set.


OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration) found that she was an employee, with enforcing safety procedures the responsibility of El Dorado Productions. Alec Baldwin. They fined El Dorado $137,000

Addressed above, as Executive Eroducer Baldwin was the boss, and his company denied requests by Gutierrez for more gun handling training time. One of the people she wanted to train more was Alec Baldwin.



Gun safety rule #1: ALWAYS treat a weapon as if it is loaded with live rounds. 

Baldwin also violated a basic gun handling rule:  place your trigger finger along the side of the weapon, not in the trigger loop, until you are ready to shoot somethin/someone. No exceptions. He has made many films working with firearms, you would think this sunk in.



You can buy ammo in department stores, the issue here is El Dorado allowed the crew to take firearms being used in the film and using them for target practice between scenes or during lunch. Their ammo handling procedures were also ridiculous.

This should never been allowed, and it was Baldwin's responsibility as EP to set the rules and enforce them.

I know your hell bent on blaming Baldwin and yes he has some blame but not the blame you're placing on him.  Read up what an executive producer really does,

Oh, Baldwin was a producer, one of many in fact and not an executive producer,,producer,-Kc Brandenstein

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On 07/03/2024 at 05:17, Steven P. said:

I get that one should always respect gun safety, when it is a gun with live rounds, but clearly Baldwin did not expect the prop to be loaded with live bullets.

This needs to be corrected.  You ALWAYS respect gun safety with any gun, loaded or unloaded with live rounds.  The first thing anyone is taught in gun safety is to treat every gun as if it were loaded.

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