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NeoRequest Public Preview



The Beta has been returning some good comments and suggestion and bugs, and many changes have been made that were recommended.

Jmann and I are pleased to annouce the public preview of the Neowin Graphic Request system. For those of you who are not familiar, the previous graphic request threads worked, but there are many things that the new system does for the process.

Requests will no longer get lost in all the jibber jabber that filled the current threads.

To start, login with your Neowin credentials.

NeoRequest allows someone who is looking for a graphic the chance to submit a request. The request must include certain information to be submitted. Once it is submitted an artist can accept to work on it. The requestor will know who is working on the request. The requestor, artist, or a normal person logging in can post comments/Questions on the request. Once an artist is finished, he/she will submit a URL to a graphic or a zip file containing the graphics.

The artist has the option to track their work and all work completed in the past in the artist workdesk. This is also where the artist submits their finish products for a request. An artist can also edit previously submitted URLs for any reason.

A basic search function is available for a quick search of historical requests.

We hope you enjoy the system, see the benefit of it, and continue to make your graphic requests through it.

Once again, this is a public preview, not a final product. It is almost a final product. The risk of data loss is possible. Also, changes can and are still being made, so please be patient. Access the system to become familiar with it, test it out, or make a live request!

Have fun, if you find errors, have a suggestion, or have a question about it, PM Jmann or chorpeac!

The address to access the system is NeoRequest

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Doing it now. :)


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