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My little beast. I got her for free and she's a good little runner. The bottom is primed in that picture but it's painted white now. I havent actually got my licence yet but I drive everywhere... provided my mum n dad's with me :blush:


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sorry they big.

this is me pride and joy

A 2002 MCC Smart Car City Coupe.

Model = Passion

Engine = 600cc, 64bhp 80-90mph 0-60mph in 10 secs (will push 84bhp and do 0-60mph in 6 secs if i remap the ECU) 6 Gear Automaitc Tiptrionic gearbox (you know automatic mode and another mode where you press the gear leaver up or down) Got a K&N air fliter, Also got a turbo when in first gear at about 3000 revs the turbo really kicks.

Wheels = Some alloys from Smart made by smart themselfs, but planing to get 16" possible 17" in 2 years

Interior = pretty standard, got a boot cover, rev counter, Air con, leather steering wheel, Brabus gear knob

Sound = a blaupunkt milano mp3/4 head unit 4x45w, with some alpine sxe 0825d BUT i am planing soon to replace the front smart crappy speakers with some better ones maybe alpines along with smart bass boxes to fit them in to, since the dash is plastic.

Other stuff = Got some airhorns fitted to the front of the car

Future mods = Bigger wheels, Dump vavle, Air Scoop, ECU Remap, Bigger Turbo, Small Sub, Speaker Upgrades, Possible body kits.

This may be a small car but never underestimate it, many people do, Renown for sounding like a porshe 911.

But if you want a smart that packs a massive punch then this is it.

but costs alot of money. It's a bike engine from a suzki gsxr1000, does 0-60mph in 4 secs, sadly geared to 120mph, produces 180bhp

downfalls are it's chain driven not shaft like alot of cars are, and costs a bomb but goes like one.

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I have a 1999 Mustang GT Convertible, Chrome Yellow with black interior and top. I am impatiently waiting for the new Mustangs to come out so i can buy a Cobra. But at this rate i am just gonna end up buying a G35 coupe or Z if these damn things don't come out soon!!!!!!!!!!

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