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Dell 2405FPW 24-inch UltraSharp Flat Panel Monitor Review

Hey everyone, I couldn't find a member's review of this screen on Neowin so I thought I'd have a go at writing one for you.

I managed to get a great deal on the screen which was the main reason for purchasing it. I have a Samsung 172x LCD monitor, but upgrading to a 24" would give me loads of screen real estate for working with graphics, which is what I do. I paid around $1350AUD for the monitor including shipping. The rrp from Dell is about $1800AUD.

It arrived at my doorstep a few days ago and I couldn't wait to rip into the box and check it out. I had been hanging out for this monitor for some time.

So, onto the review...


Type: Monitor

Screen Size: 24 inches

Native Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels x pixels

Supported EDTV and HDTV Resolutions: 1080i pixels

Aspect Ratio: 16:10

Video Inputs: Component, Composite, DVI, Analog, S-Video

PC Interfaces: Analog VGA and Dual-mode (DVI-I)

Built-in TV Tuner: None

Pixel Response Time: 12ms typical (Grey to Grey) / 16ms typical (Black to White)

Rated Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Brightness (Max): 500 cd/m^2

More at:

Contents Delivered to me

Flat Panel Monitor


DVI cable

Analog cable

USB cable

Power chord

CD with drivers

Setup instructions

First Impressions & Installation

Does anything beat the first time you open up a box with a brand new expensive piece of hardware inside? It was damn exciting getting this baby out and on it's stand. I first had to push aside my Samsung 172x LCD, and I did so as if it didn't matter anymore. I took my time however getting it all out of the box though as I expected it to be quite heavy. It wasn't as bad as I thought and fitting it on the stand was a breeze. The instructions that came with the monitor were quite basic and easy to follow. It only runs through getting the monitor on it's stand and plugging it into the computer.

I popped in the dvi cable, power chord and powered up the computer. I have an old graphics card (GF4 Ti4200) so I was a little unsure of how it would run at 1920 x 1200. But there were no hassles and I was able to change the resolution to 1920 x 1200 once it was up and running in Windows.

Moving the monitor around on it's stand was quite effortless. The screen seems to move even a little too easily up and down and left and right. To rotate the screen into landscape mode is only a matter of extending the screen up to it's maximum position on the stand and spinning the thing around.

As mentioned above, the screen has many video inputs and you can easily switch between these using the button on the panel. PIP (Picture in Picture) and PBP (Picture by Picture) is also available by pressing the button beside it. The OSD is quite straight forward, but locks out some options when connected via DVI.

One of this monitor's features that I really love is the USB and card reader built in on the side of the panel. It's alot easier now for me to just pop in my camera's memory card into the side of the screen and view the contents directly on the drive. Plugging in my iPod to the USB 2.0 port is also great. It just means I don't have to get around the back of my box to plug these things in.

Desktop Usage

Wow! There's enough screen space to feed a 3rd world country (whatever that means). :blink:

I didn't have to change any settings on the OSD or graphics card to make it look right which saved some fiddling around. The colours, brightness and picture quality all matched the 172x LCD I was using before, so I haven't tried to change anything in that regard just yet. I did however turn on ClearType fonts which made a great improvement in the clarity of onscreen text. Some people may have issues when moving their mouse around such a large screen and turning up the sensitivity would help, but so far it hasn't bothered me. When I have RSI I might do that.

The beauty of the large wide screen is that I can now put the Window's 'Tile Windows Horizontally/Vertically' option to good use. I remember when I used to do that and have to scroll around inside each window because they ended up too small anyway. Well, it's not such a big issue anymore. Alternatively, I can just resize and move my Windows around. But what I'm actually finding is that I still like to maximise or keep the windows relatively large in the middle of the screen. Maybe that's just old habits. Surfing the net is great now, but many sites do show quite a bit of empty space that you never really noticed before.

Essentially, there's no major difference in getting about general desktop tasks. There's just alot more room to do it in.


There did seem to be some minor issues when viewing DVDs at such a high resolution. I think DVDs aren't generally made to be viewed at 1920 x 1200 (see the difference in sizes below), so when viewing in fullscreen mode you can see poor quality effects. But I didn't mind it too much and if you sit back from the screen a little (which you probably should do) then it's not so bad. I did find the quality to be worse in some applications. Windows Media Player Classic seemed to work well. Of course, it's possible to lower the resolution and that can make things look better when viewing video, but I didn't bother too much with this. In general, DVDs looks great and the widescreen format adds to the experience. Picture quality was good and I couldn't notice any real ghosting effects. That's not to say there isn't any, but to me it looked fine.

I am actually considering purchasing a HDTV tuner for my pc so I can watch some good quality tv fullscreen. I do have an old analog tv tuner and viewing it at full screen would be amazing if the reception was half decent. Still, with what I've got I can view tv in a small window moved to the side whilst I continue on with other tasks. But, with the reception issue aside, the colours are great, motion is smooth and it's fun to watch.


I have to honestly say that I'm not much of a gamer anymore. I lost interest in that quite a while back and just haven't had the urge to rip into them as of late. But with the arrival of this monitor, I might have to do just that to check out how it performs and if I will actually be blown back in my seat (Milhouse style :woot:). I can tell you that the comments I have heard and read about gaming on this beast, have been positive. I am sure you can imagine that gaming on this thing would be quite an experience (for those gamers out there). I decided to install an old game (Soldier of Fortune) I had lying around that might give me an idea of how it performs. I didn't hold high hopes though, because I wasn't sure how the ti4200 would hold up.

So I loaded up the game which adjusted fine to the widescreen and I changed the game resolution to its max (1600 x 1200). The game ran well in widescreen at max resolution and it certainly added to the whole game experience. Sorry I am not able to load up CS or any new release game on this display to test it out, but from what I've read and heard this screen performs well and little has been said about any noticable ghosting. This screen has a response time of 12ms typical (Grey to Grey) / 16ms typical (Black to White) which is sufficient for gaming I believe, but you if are real hardcore and need the fastest response in the world then I say to you go and eat a sandwhich. :rofl:

Final Thoughts

I sometimes ask myself "Why do I need all this space?". And the answer is probably that I don't really need it all. But, that's not to say that it's a joy to use and quite jaw dropping in action. I can't say whether an uber widescreen lcd display is for you or not, but what I can say is that what Dell have provided here is a quality monitor at an extremely low price. For a 24" the response time is fantastic and colours are sharp and bright. The OSD options do lack when connected to DVI, but that's not unlike many other lcds out there. I highly recommend the Dell 2405FPW if you could use the extra screen real estate and you have the cash to spare in your pocket. It sure beats paying for two expensive lcds for a dual setup. But for those happy with what you've got and are wary of breaking the piggy bank just yet, I would say for you to wait. All in all, Dell have provided a quality widescreen display at an extremely competitive price. Gotta love that!


Packaging - 10/10

Simple. One big box for the monitor, cables etc.. and a smaller one for my power chord.

Installation - 10/10

Couldn't have been easier.

Design - 7.5/10

The sleek black look of the Dell monitor sits well with my logitech duo, but some may have annoyances with the small buttons on the display. There are also known issues with the right side sagging and mine may do it a little, but it's not worrying me too much. It could be due to poor stand quality.

Picture Quality - 10/10

I can't think of anything bad to say about this.

Multimedia Quality - 9/10

The widescreen is fantastic for viewing DVDs, but some fiddling to get a good picture quality may be needed.

Gaming Quality - 9/10

Some may have issues with the widescreen on some games, but for most it's gaming heaven.

Overall - 9/10

I hope this review has been helpful for some. Of course, these are only my opinions on what I thought of the monitor and I can't say how it would perform for others and if it would live up to their expectations. If there is anything else you would like me to comment on, let me know.

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great review. nice pics. I love my 2005FPW (The 20inch version of this screen for those that don't know). It will be funny if this review goes for 90+ pages like the 2005 one did. :laugh: the dell haters won't like that though :happy:

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great review. nice pics. I love my 2005FPW (The 20inch version of this screen for those that don't know). It will be funny if this review goes for 90+ pages like the 2005 one did.  :laugh: the dell haters won't like that though :happy:


Nah, there apprantly isnt any problems with the Dell 2405 regarding backlight bleed and dead pixels.

Id of had one... But Dell Support ripped me off and wont replace my Crappy 2005FPW for a reasonable amount. So screw Dell. Ill probably keep this 2005FPW till it dies on me (Probably soon since the screen is faulty) And wait for a replacement.

Dell make EXCELLENT monitors, If you get a 'normal' one.

Dell Support, however is a apaling and I hope none of you have to deal with them

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wow that review made me interested in that monitor..

just went to price it.. 1000 USD on dell website..

hmm i was told to call them if your serious and play both the home dep and small business

anyone have a dell coupon? for 25 percent?

just wanted to show people this...

Dell Business

Dell Home

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I'd like to have one, but not to use one. I don't enjoy a hurting neck in the end of the day :unsure:

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Had mine for almost two months now - got it for $860 when they were giving them away fro cheap. It's a really sweet monitor - haven't used any better monitor. Even the regular price is worth it! :D

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i've managed to snag one for free from Dell as i recently made a big purchase off them. man o man i can't wait for it to arrive :) i should really use it at work but i may have to place a phone call and get it delivered to home :D

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My friend recently got one, I've yet to see it in person but from the pictures I can tell it is one kick ass lcd

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does anyone have any pics of the monitor with the pip and pbp activated. perhaps a video feed and a pc input in both pip and pbp i really like to see what that looks like before i plunge in and buy one. thanks

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I absolutely love this monitor, and im absolutely elated that i didnt have any backlight problems because for so long i had been hearing problems lol;; I actually just paid it off my credit card this past monday, :sigh:

great buy, great response time, the review was great, and that was interesting lol i never turned my monitor vertical..

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I get 20% off LCD screen coupons every two-three weeks that unfortunately expire the next day if anyone wants them.


Yeah? I'd like one please.

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