Official NHL 2005-2006 Playoff Thread

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not too shabby :)

Nice post editing ;)

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A good ending to a great season. Im glad Carolina won it.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to come back here and yell WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


Man, what a great game to see. I still couldn't believe it was true when they brought the cup out. I stayed late and ran down to the end where the families were taking pictures and managed to catch a few players doing interviews in the tunnels. I got to shake hands with Ray Whitney, Kevyn Adams, and some guy named Cam Ward.

It's been an amazing year, I just wish Carolina could learn to be consistant. If they played consistant then this all would have been over a LONG time ago. It seems that they always have to lose a few after winning a few. Game 6 was absolutely pathetic. It was Erik Cole's first game back from a broken neck, and he still threw more hits than anyone else on the team (a whopping 3 :rolleyes: , no one else had more than 1).

I also live about 2 blocks away from a street in North Raleigh named Canes Way (it was given it's name during the 2002 playoff run). Needless to say nearly all the street signs have been taken with the exception of 2 (1 was forgotten about and 1 was stuck or something and wouldn't come down). Now I have to find out how to get one from the people who took them all. I'm planning on offering them a towel from Game 7 or some confetti from the win or something :D .

Anyway, it's been crazy here. I still can hardly believe we won. Hopefully we'll have another great year next year! :D

Attatched a pic of Mr MVP carrying around his bottle of champagne after the game and doing a few interviews.


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