Neowin Fantasy Baseball Season 2007

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I have created the Neowin Fantasy Baseball League over at Yahoo. I am using same settings as last year with one change. I got rid of the "Average" stat category and replaced it with "On Base Percentage".

The live draft is harder to schedule this year as time slots have to be picked instead of simply scheduling the time to our best convenience.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League Information:


Password: neowinRox

Live Draft: March 10, 2007 at 2:00pm EST

Current Teams and Owners:

1. bangbang023 (bangbang023)

2. Fred'sDiamondDragon (Fred Derf)

3. virtualmadden (virtualmadden)

4. Mr. Franchise (golfantastic)

5. lawtai (lawtai)

6. Lou's Boys (j.nudd)

7. Dead Man's Party (Purple Haze)

8. L3thal's Sluggers (l3thal)

9. Adam's Brewers (Adamb10)

10. Cubs_in_2007 (BroChaos)

11. Rumor's Boys (Rumor)

12. AnAmerican (AnAmerican)

There are 12 slots available so I ask that only serious contenders apply. If you plan on leaving half way through the season, don't sign up. If a second league is needed, it will be created.

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I probably would miss the draft but I'll check it out nevertheless.

So, who is taking Sammy Sosa? :ninja:

League ID#: 24507

Password: neowinRox

The above doesn't work for me.

Edited by Fred Derf
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I'll definitely miss the draft but I am sure Yahoo won't let me down.

Yeah, sorry, it's just that most weekend days have limited open slots, with 9am and 11pm being the only usual openings.

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Agh its full...

Tomorrow, before noon, it may open up again as i get rid of the unidentified people. If not, I will create a second Neowin league so no one is left out. If anyone would be interested in a second league, let me know, I don't want to create it for one person.

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Yes, it is, thanks. The only unidentified team is The Tribe, so I have removed them. One slot remains. Again, if more people are interested, let me know and I will crate a second league.

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