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How did you find Neowin?

added 9 June 2010  

887 members have voted

  1. 1. How did you find Neowin?

    • A Google (Search) Result
    • From a friend/acquaintance
    • At work
    • By a news story
    • From TV/Radio
    • Link exchange / Linked from another site

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i was searching up on Alex Kidd. coz that game rocked and so i stumbled across a thread and i joined right away to tell people that Alex Kidd rocked. (Y) go team!

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I just found this thing on stumbleupon on this forums and they forums had a cool look to them and are about computer things and gaming and stuff so i thought i'd join and here i am!

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I think i read quite a bit here...then got into my first MS beta (for encarta)...decided to share screenshots/info on it...then I found out what a NDA was :(

Hence the line under my avatar :p

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I was looking for a solution to a pc problem and Neowin turned up in a Google search. It is a very active community with a large number of members, so it felt like the place to be! Hopefully I can help others during my stay.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Google search for help on how to figure out what core my AMD Athlon XP 2000+ was, then found out it was thoroughbred

Then Again when looking on how to overclock

Again when look why I has 3.5 FPS in CS with an nvidia 2 32mb

Been a member since then :p

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Hmmm, I don't remember exactly how I found Neowin. I do remember something about clicking a link on a different website. I guess that's how I found Neowin. :blink:

PS: Almost everything I know about computers, software, and technology in general is because of Neowin. The community sparked my growing interest in technology and I learned a great deal. Thank you Neowin! :asl: :heart: :kiss: :hug_guy: :hug_girl: :kiss: :hump:

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Hi everyone

I found this site off of a google search for a problem, and i found the solution to the problem too. I wanted to tell everyone but I think ill stick around too.

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i origionally came through a link for themes. wanted to theme XP, found something from i think Bant. ended up here,,,, and stayed, lol

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I saw an ad in the paper for a concert by Wayne Newton, but thought it was spelled Neowin, so I did a search for Wayne Neowin's website, and somehow ended up here.

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